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Putlockers - Watch and Download Unlimited Movies

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Unlike a few years ago, there are several different genres that video content is based on. Today, we can find various stories, with different characters, different points of view and so on. Surely streaming services have been offering the best of everything.

Now, can you recall the first time that you used the Internet to watch a movie or a music video? It seems a little distant but it is still a memory. Surely, we didn’t think that a day would come when video content can be explored and enjoyed on a computer or TV.

Back then, watching movies on the Internet was time-consuming with poor network signals and buffering. But, today all the streaming channels offer you a seamless streaming experience without having to wait for the video to buffer.

The only downfall here is that this comes with an extended fee, let’s say, it’s a service charge that gets levied on us for the seamless experience. And there are so many services with so much different content that it becomes difficult to choose between them.

We remember reading a tweet that was posted online a significant amount of time ago, it said- “Dear Apple, Hulu, Netflix, Disney, Amazon, CBS, NBC, and everyone else trying to create a streaming service: We’re not going to pay for eight of these. Work it out.”

Turns out there are several streaming services and it’ll be more than costly to pay for all of them, which is why people are looking for ways to stream videos online without having to pay for it and that is when PutLocker (free streaming site) makes its entrance.

In this read, we’ll be walking you through the features of the free website, the list of countries that allow it to host its videos, the reason for its offline status, the existing alternatives and how you can access it.

Know more about the online streaming website

The website we are talking about had a great spotlight in its time and was one of the best in its category. It was a platform that offered free service for people to stream famous and trending movies and TV shows, along with the classics.

You must not be mistaken, the official PutLockers website does not offer you any direct links to the content you want to watch but it takes you to the third-party affiliate links that further lets you stream.

Another thing to know is that these kinds of websites have been considered illegal for hosting pirated videos and refer to Copyright Infringement. Somewhere, this fact played a significant role in the shutting down of the official website.

Learn the features of the free streaming site

Be it a physical product or an online product, they are designed with unique characteristics and specifications. Therefore, we thought you’d like to know the features of this free online streaming service, which was shut down a long time ago but still manages to be a part of several conversations because of the alternative sites that exist. Enlisted are the traits:

  • First and foremost, it is an entirely free service
  • Offers international, national, and regional video content
  • Hosts video content from various countries
  • Available for download in several languages
  • Content access comes with high speed and HD-video quality

The countries that allow the site to host their content

One of the major features of this type of free video streaming website is that it hosts content from several different countries, especially the ones that haven’t ruled it out as “illegal”. Thus, this part of the read will take you on a stroll through the list of countries that the websites host movies and TV shows from (among other International content):

  • Asia
  • France
  • Hong Kong
  • India
  • Japan
  • Korea
  • Thailand
  • United Kingdom

Here’s why the official free site was taken down…

As mentioned earlier, this kind of free streaming website entails a lot of risks, both on the service provider’s end and the user’s end. The third-party affiliate links that are offered on these websites are mostly pirated video content and piracy has been considered a serious crime in most parts of the world.

The original or the official PutLocker website was taken down in the year 2016 and was declared to be offline after several regulars complained about their inability to access the website for a few days, to wit, all the sites existing under the same name are mere copies.

The major reason behind it was the high probability of copyright infringement by the third-party affiliates, and it acted as the platform that housed those links. Other reasons were that pop-up ads were being used as means to get into systems and attack users.

Know the existing alternatives of putlockers


After the original site was declared offline, tons of other alternatives came up to offer free video streaming services throughout the world. But, it has been made public that all the alternatives are hosted by unknown creators and cannot be trusted.

We know that several paid streaming services can be counted as alternatives but, if you are still looking for free alternatives, here’s a list for you:

  • Popcornflix (can work wonders on a mobile device)
  • FMovies (has the most efficient “Search” function)
  • 123Movies (has the largest library collection)
  • Los Movies (offers the best International content)
  • SolarMovie (has the simplest user interface and navigation)

Also, keep in mind, a few security protocols need to be taken care of before you go on to using these websites like enabling a Virtual Private Network, and employing a worthy antivirus software on your system/device.

Learn the steps to access the free alternative sites

Since free online streaming sites have and will always be on-demand we thought you’d like to know the explicit procedure steps that will help you access the reliable and correct websites. Thus, stroll down to know how you can efficiently access the sites:

  1. Ensure that activating antivirus software and enabling a trusted VPN have fulfilled the security requirements.
  2. Move on to access the free site by searching for the term and visiting it- “PutLockers-Mirror”.
  3. Once the site links to the Mirror on Google, you will succeed in accessing the free online streaming service.


The detailed read above has been carefully crafted to help you understand the concept of free online streaming services that house tons of movie and TV show options in a variety of genres and languages.

The site we talked about here, was taken down some time ago but was followed by different alternate and copied websites that, similar to it, hosted third-party affiliate links to video content.

The major issue with these types of websites has always been copyright infringement and although PutLockers and other sites do not house direct links to pirated content, they provide a platform for the sites that do.

You had learned about the site, its major traits, the countries that offer content to the site for hosting, a list of the best alternative sites, and the process to access it.